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I’m glad that you visited my website. On this site I talk about my journey for building a Dividend Growth portfolio with the purpose of supporting my life style in the far future.

I’m a Dutch guy of 36 years old. I have a little daughter of 1 year old and a lovely wife. Together we live in the Netherlands in a normal house with a nice garden. I love cycling on either my racing bike or my mountain bike, reading books, playing computer games, spending time with friends and of course, enjoying my little family. All of which is made possible due to the 4-day jobs of both me and my wife.

I studied Commercial Economics in the Netherlands and I’m working on a inside sales department where I make offers for customers and guide the sold projects until they are completely delivered. A challenging and rewarding job.

However, I could never lose the feeling that it should be possible to enjoy life without having to work to much. I know we are in a luxury position because we only have to work for 4 days a week, but in my mind that was not all that should be possible. I thought a lot about this and I searched the internet for possibilities to increase income or decrease costs, but could never find anything that suited my idea of living.

Then in a certain moment I stumbled upon the site of Dividend Mantra of Jason Fieber and I read his story. Beceause of this I became interested in Dividend Growth Investing. I read a lot of blogs, started reading on Seeking Alpha and bought the book “The Single Best Invenstment” of David Miller.

In Oktober of 2015 I threw myself into the deep and bought my first stocks. Now I’m building my portfolio as we speak with the goal of reaching an ever increasing stream of passive income. Now dividend growth investing is my personal Pursuit 2 Freedom.

Pursuit 2 Freedom

8 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Nice site. I’m Dutch as well, what a coincidence. Missed the AHOLD opportunity when it touched the 15-16 price. Good luck!

    1. Nice to meet you! I have been on holliday, so a late response. However, nice to see a fellow Dutch investor.

      Ahold dipped greatly and recovered nicely as well. I also didn’t get it at the bottom, but that’s life I guess.

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