Dividend income of April 2018

It’s time for my European yearly paying companies to pay dividends again! And that is a lovely time of the year since that realizes the biggest dividend payments in a single month each year. And this year it’s a complete party. I realized my first month with over 100 Euro’s in dividends in a single month!

I’m so happy with this achievement. More will follow but the start is here. Let’s have a look at the details!


Dividend income of April 2018

The European companies have some strange dividend paying habits. Most of them pay once or twice a year and the payments are not always in the same month. I had some in May, this year they are in April again. But who cares for as long as they keep paying me.

MUV2 didn’t report an increase this year. It’s a pity but sometimes they do that when it’s needed for the figures. Also a habit of European companies. The company had a lot of costs due to some natural disasters across the globe so I’m not worried about it. Just bad luck this year.

Here is the table with companies that paid me in April.


Company name Ticker Dividend
Ahold Delhaize AD € 69,61
Muenchener Rueckver AG MUV2 € 37,99
Toronto Dominion Bank LTD TD €  4,84
Walmart Inc  WMT €  7,01
Realty Income O €  3,90
Total €123,35

My dividend income for April 2017 was € 12,12 which results in a 917,7% increase compared to last year. Of course this is a super result but I have to make a sidenote. Muenchener did pay in May last year. If I don’t take them into account, then the increase is 604,3%. Still not bad at all. 🙂

Of course the biggest game changer is Ahold. I bought my first Ahold stocks after the dividend date last year so this is the first time they pay me. I choose to be paid in stocks so actually gained an additional 3 shares of Ahold Delhaize. This is the first time I got paid in shares since I can only do this for European companies.

I love the result over a 100 Euro’s. I never realized that before so it’s really nice to see that happen although it is just 1 time a year!


Dividend increases

This month 3 of the companies that paid me increased the dividends. Walmart, Ahold and Toronto Dominion all paid for the first time after the dividend increase announcement of those companies. Check out the links for details!


Contributions and purchases

I didn’t add anything to my account. We have quite a few costs in the last months, so I choose to wait a bit before adding again.

I also didn’t make any purchases.



April was my best month in dividend payments in the history of my portfolio! The first time over 100 Euro’s a month. I hope much more will follow but for now it will be limited to once a year.

Still, I’m very happy with this month. I had some nice dividend increases as well although I also have 1 company that didn’t increase where they should have. But as explained I’m not to worried about that.

How was your month? Are you happy with your dividend income? Have you made any new buys or did you receive dividend increases?

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “Dividend income of April 2018”

  1. Wow, amazing growth compared to last year! I am also waiting for some local companies to pay in May so that should be the biggest month for me.
    As for April, I shared dividend from Realty Income with you 🙂

  2. Congratulations on eclipsing the 100 Euro mark for the 1st time! You crossed the mark by a wide margin, too. It should be the first of many more 100-Euro-months to come. Outstanding YoY growth as well. NIce work.

    1. Thank you! It’s quite a great feeling to reach that milestone. For now it won’t be often since April really is a lot higher then other months, but I will get more in the future and it will be higher and higher. Great to see the growth!

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