Dividend income of March 2018

The first quarter of 2018 is history already and with that it’s time for my Dividend Income report of March! Where my month of January was not superb my month of February was absolutely great. The 2nd month of the quarter is absolutely my best month.

The markets seem to have left the steady waters this year and we see a lot more turbulence in the first couple of months of 2018 compared to all of 2017. However, one things keeps going steady and that is the dividend. Steady up even! With that it’s time to have a look at the results of the 3rd month of 2018!


Dividend income of March 2018

After such a great month of February it’s hard to beat that in March. On the other hand, that is not the goal. The goal is to create a steadily growing income stream. With that, I will compare the income to March of 2017 to see what this month did compared to the same part of 2017.

Together those companies payed me € 22,88 in net dividends after taxes and using the current conversion rates.

Company name Ticker Dividend
Unilever UN € 7,01
Emerson EMR € 8,02
Realty Income O € 3,77
 Canadian National Railway CNR  € 4,08
Total € 22,88

My dividend income for March 2017 was € 33,99 which results in a 32,7% decrease compared to last year. That makes 2 months with a decrease in the quarter and 1 with a huge increase. In total my income for the first quarter is € 103,80 compared to € 100,69 in 2017. That is an increase of 3,1%. That does not sound impressive, but take into account that the Dollar devaluated with 20% compared to the Euro and then all of a sudden I’m looking at a gigantic increase compared to last year! It just won’t show up in the numbers until the Euro USD conversion changes again in the opposite direction. Well, that’s life I guess.


Dividend increases

This month I didn’t receive any dividend increases for the 4 companies that paid me a dividend.


Contributions and purchases

I added € 600,00 to my fund at the end of March.

I purchased nothing this month.



March was in the same boat as January. The merger of CCP and the Dollar that became weaker made sure that my income in Euro’s was lower than last year. However, it still was a great month. CCP is replaced with SBRA which pays in the 2nd month of the year and O and CNR have been added to this month compared to last year. So I’m happy with the progress!

How was your month? Are you happy with your dividend income? Have you made any new buys or did you receive dividend increases?

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7 thoughts on “Dividend income of March 2018”

  1. Still good results with the USD/EUR exchange rate impact. I also notice it has an impact on the €’s getting in. On the otherhand it can also be a good opportunity to buy more USA shares.

  2. I think that you are definitely on the right track. We share O this (and every :)) month. I’m also looking at Unilever but can’t really find the right entry point at the moment.

    March was the first time I could do a YOY comparison and I’m pretty happy with the results.

    1. Yes, in reality it’s really only on paper. I mean, I get paid in USD and spend in USD. Only the conversion to EUR is bad. Other years it will be the other way around. Then it looks better then it really is. 😉

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