Dividend income of November

Here we are again with my favourite report of the month, the dividend income of November report! And what a month it was! After a slow first month of the quarter this month has been great! The 2nd month of a quarter is always much better, but I added another company that pays me in the 2nd month and Sabra paid me for the first time which results in a great month. Let’s check the results!


Dividend income of November

6 Companies where so kind to share their profits with me in the month of November! That is  more than last year plus the nice dividend increases I received from the other companies. All together I received € 59,03 in net dividends after taxes and using the current conversion rates.

Company name Ticker Dividend
Hormel Foods Corp HRL € 6,83
 Abbott Laboratories Inc. ABT  € 4,54
 Procter & Gamble Co PG  € 7,06
 Omega Healthcare Investors  OHI  € 18,51
Royal Bank of Canada RY  € 4,64
 Sabra Healthcare REIT Inc SBRA  € 17,45
Total € 59,03

My dividend income for November 2016 was € 17,05 which results in a 246,2% increase compared to last year! A superb result! As discussed this is realized by buying Hormel Foods and because my CCP was traded for Sabra which pays in November. Next to that all other stocks raised the dividend during the year.


Dividend increases

I received 2 dividend increases for the companies that paid me dividend in November. I received an increase from Sabra Healthcare. Later I received a dividend increase from Omega Healthcare Investors. Both nice increases that make me one happy investor!

Contributions and purchases

I added € 600,00 in cash to my dividend portfolio. A bit more than usual. I received some extra income and was a bit behind on my schedule.

I bought 1 stock during the month. My buy consisted of an investment in a new REIT that suffered from the general retail crisis that we face at the moment. I bought shares in Tanger Factory Outlet. I believe the company is not in any danger and this drawback gives me a nice opportunity to buy a great REIT.



November was a great month. I obliterated my dividend income of November 2016, I bought a new REIT and I received 2 dividend increases. I just wish every month was like this. It would be a fast road to riches. But let’s stay in reality. I will have to keep on working hard to improve my results again and again and that’s exactly what I am going to do. This motivated me a lot and I like it!

How was your month? Are you happy with your dividend income? Have you made any new buys or did you receive dividend increases?

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16 thoughts on “Dividend income of November”

    1. Thank you! Yes I was very happy. Even with part of the growth coming from CCP that changed into SBRA which pays in November now it still is great growth overall and some nice results.

      I’m very happy! I’ll check your results soon. I’m curious! 🙂

    1. SBRA is a nice company although I didn’t choose to buy them. I got them through the CCP merger. It is also the only company where I’m quite far in the minus compared to the purchase price but I do have faith that it will correct in the coming years.

      Thank you for the comment Lanny!

    1. OHI is great. Great dividend growth, great management and great prospects with an aging population. Of course there is always risk due to government regulations which is also the reason that the stock price is relatively low right now. But I just can’t believe that the government will completely cancel medicare / medic aid without replacing it with something. To much people depend on it. That’s why I’m bullish on OHI / SBRA.

      Let’s see what 2018 brings us. Thank you for the comment!

    1. That’s also a strategy. Easier to maintain. But I don’t like focusing on capital gains only since you loose them just as quick in a recession. That’s why I’m more into total returns with focus on dividends.

      On the other hand, a lot of investors do worse then people who invest in ETF’s. So nothing wrong there.

      Good luck with the ETF and thank you for the comment!

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