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Half year analysis Pursuit 2 FreedomQuarterly review

3 Months have passed already since I wrote my half year review for my portfolio Pursuit 2 Freedom. My personal journey towards financial freedom. I try to review my portfolio quarterly to see if it’s moving in the right direction. My quaterly reviews are a bit smaller then my half year or yearly review, but still important.


Dividend income

Let’s first take a look at my dividend income since creating a passive income stream is the main method of working towards financial freedom. In the 9 months of 2017 I collected dividends with a total value of € 287,34 compared to € 176,79 a year ago. This means my dividends increased by 62,5% over the first 9 months of 2017. This increase is lower than the increase I made in the first half year. This is among other reasons because I missed a dividend from CCP. The company merged with SBRA (Sabra Healthcare Inc). Because of the merger I missed a dividend payment. The company should pay me a dividend in the 4th quarter again (which is lower than the CCP dividend by the way).

[chart id=”79″]

As you can see my dividend is growing steadily. The percentages of growth will decline in the future, but the absolute growth will only increase!

My goal for 2017 is a dividend income of € 432,99. I’m behind schedule at the moment, but not by far. The main reason for this is because I’m not completely invested. I still have € 1.900,00 to invest and I want to add another € 1.000,00 as a minimum in the last 2 months of the year. That’s almost € 3.000,00 extra to invest. But I’m a bit reluctant to invest to fast and I’m looking for stock of which I think are great deals.


Contributions and stock purchases

During the 9 months of 2017 I contributed € 3.300 in cash towards my portfolio. I have a goal of adding € 5.000 a year, so I am € 500 behind on schedule. This is mainly due to some purchases for my hobbies that we’re waiting for a couple of years already. I can certainly compensate partially in November when I expect additional income but I don’t know if I can compensate everything.

I made 3 purchase this year so far. I bought shares in Ahold 2 times and I bought shares in Hormel. Other than that CCP merged with SBRA which resulted in my CCP shares exchanging for SBRA shares.

I didn’t sell any stocks.


Do you analyse your portfolio? Are you happy with the results? If you have questions or comments, then don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Quarterly review”

    1. Thank you! Yes, I’m happy with my buys although Amazon did destroy shareholder value in Ahold. However, as long as company fundamentals haven’t changed I’m happy.

      Hormel is paying me for the first time in November, so quite excited. I’m also looking forward to the next dividend anouncement which should include the dividend raise.
      Ahold pays me once a year in May, so I have to wait for that payment. A pitty most Eurpean companies only pay once or twice a year.

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