Dividend income of September

A month has passed, a new month has started. It’s time for dividends again! The favorite topic of many DGI. What I like to see is good progress. However, I already know that September won’t show that. Why? Check out the results below.


Dividend income of September

This month I have 3 companies paying me dividend.

In total they paid me € 22,27 in net dividends after taxes and using the current conversion rates. See the below table!

Company name Ticker Dividend
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. WMT € 6,97
Unilever Cert. UN € 7,01
Emerson Electric Co. EMR € 8,29
Total € 22,27

My dividend income for September 2016 was € 39,96 which results in a 44,3% decrease compared to last year. The reason of the decrease is quite simple. CCP has been taken over by Sabra Healthcare. Due to this deal I know hold Sabra stock instead of CCP, but Sabra pays in February, May, August and November where CCP paid in January, April, July and September. In other words. The months where CCP paid will all be reduced in dividends since CCP was a great dividend payer.

Besides that the weaker Dollar is not helping me either. Wal-Mart and Emerson paid less in Euro’s compared to last year while they pay more in Dollars. This is due to the currency exchange effect. But since I maintain my dividends in Dollars this does not really effect me. It’s just that the figures look less good.


Dividend increases

There where no dividend increases this month.

Contributions and purchases

I added € 400,00 in cash to my dividend portfolio.

I added 55 shares of Hormel Foods to my portfolio. This buy adds € 26,41 in net dividends per year to my portfolio. You can check out the details here.



September was a month with mixed feelings. The companies that paid me all increased the dividend compared to last year, but due to currency exchange effects I can’t see the effect in Euro’s. Than you have the deal between CCP and Sabra. We have to see how this will play out in the long turn but one thing is for sure. It messed with my dividend scheme. That is not a problem, but it never feels good to have less dividends than the year before..

How was your month? Are you happy with your dividend income? Have you made any new buys or did you receive dividend increases?

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6 thoughts on “Dividend income of September”

  1. Some really nice companies paying you in September. My income was almost 4 times less than yours but I’m still happy to receive something 🙂
    I wouldn’t worry too much about weaker dollar – it presents better opportunities for us, who have home currency in Euros, to purchase some US stocks.
    I report my earnings in dollars because I don’t exchange them to Euros for now – I am planning to just use them to purchase stocks in US market. But it was also a question for my when I was thinking how to report my earnings – in my home currency or currency I received the dividends in.
    Keep on making those purchases of quality companies and I am sure that the next September trend is going to reverse!
    Broke Investor

    1. Thank you for your reply! You are right about the weaker dollar. The strength of the dollar / euro is only important when you withdraw money or buy stocks. We don’t withdraw and for buying stocks it’s an advantage at the moment. But it does explain the change in figures.

      I also thought about reporting and choose to report everything in Euro’s. I don’t know if it’s the best choice but it has advantages also. I have 3 currencies (USD, CAD and EUR). Reporting in 3 currencies is also not very convenient. On the other hand, it’s easier to spot trends when reporting in the same currency.

      We’ll see how next year turns out. Good luck for your journey as well!

  2. Solid month P2F, your definitely are making progress. The 400 a month capital deployment is really helping you and the HRL buy will provide stable growth for many years to come.

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