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Here we are, back with another dividend update. And this time it’s for the first month of the year which means that my first full year of Dividend Investing is a fact! Time passes by so quickly. I don’t only see that with my investing journey, but also when I look at my daughter. I remember that she was born as if it was yesterday and now she turned 2 in January already. She walks, she talks and she grows up so quickly! I try to enjoy every day with her and my wife!

But of course that is not the reason you came here. You are here for my investing results. Let’s proceed to them!


Dividend income of January

January was a nice month. However, this was for a big part due to CCP paying the dividend in January 2017 instead of December 2016. The difference compared to last year was only 1 or 2 days, but it pussed the payment just over the year. Oh well, this months advantage was last months disadvantage, so I take it! Let’s continue to the figures:

Company name Ticker Dividend
Wal Mart Stores Inc. WMT €  7,65
Care Capital Properties Inc. CCP €18,82
Toronto Dominion Bank TD  € 4,34
Total € 30,81

My dividend income for January 2016 was € 10,60 which results in a 190,7% increase compared to last year! Of course te number is so high because of the CCP story, but still, I’ll take it. I’m curious how fast I can keep the dividend increasing.


Dividend increases

This month I didn’t receive any increases from the companies that paid me dividends.


Contributions and purchases

I added € 400,00 to my fund at the end of January. This way I am building my cash position which is now around € 1.725,00. To be honest, I don’t really like the current market. A lot of air has been inflated into the market since people know that Trump is president and I think stocks will go down again soon. I still would like a European stock, but I don’t know which one to add. Maybe I just extend my Unilerver position a bit since the stock price fell just below my cost price. But a new company would be prefered.

So if you have some nice tips on European stocks, they are still welcome.

I purchased nothing this month.



January was a very good month for my Dividend Income! A huge growth rate and a nice start of the year. My stocks are doing well, but I really don’t know what to buy right now. The Euro / Dollar conversion is bad for me for buying dollars at the moment and the US stocks are expensive, so I’m mainly looking outside of the US. But it’s hard to find enough information. It’s widely available for US stocks, but much less for European stocks. We’ll have to think of something nice!

How as your month of January? Are you happy with the first month of year? Do you still buy new stocks at current price levels? And do you invest in US stocks only or do you have stocks outside of the US also?

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