Dividend increase Abbott (ABT)

Dividend increase Abbott

At the 12th of December the board of Abbott decided to increase the quarterly dividend from $ 0,26 to $ 0,265 per quarter. This means an increase of $ 0,005 per share per year which translates to a 1,92% increase. The dividend is paid on February the 15th 2017 to shareholders of record on January the 13th 2017. This is the 45th consecutive anual increase.


The Pursuit

Since I have 23 shares this increase means that my yearly dividend for Abbott is now $ 24,38, up from $ 23,92 or a $ 0,46 increase in yearly dividends. After taxes I will receive $ 20,72 per year from the company.

This increase means Abbott currently yields 2,78% and my yield on cost rises to 2,85%.



The increase is not what I expected. Abbott rises it’s dividend faster on average and since the results are actually not bad at all I expected more from the company. I think the small increase has something to do with the recent companies Abbott bought and with which it has problems at the moment. This will cost a lot of money.

I still expect Abbott to increase it’s dividends faster in the future. If that will really happen we will see in the future!

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