My dividend growth portfolio

On this page you will find my portfolio. I’ll update it at least quarterly so that you can stay up to date on the progress.

I changed the amounts on this page from Euro’s to the valuta of the different companies because this gives a better view of the performance of the company itself instead of the Euro effect on my portfolio.

I am in the process of building my portfolio. This means that in the future it should become bigger and more diversified. Of course this is a work in progress and you can follow my journey on this blog.

The cost basis of the stock included the price of the stock and the brokerages fees. I aim to keep my costs at 1% maximum. To do this I need to buy stocks in amounts of € 1.000 and up.


Company nameTickerSharesCost basisMarket valueGain
Royal Bank of CanadaRY9CAD 705,31CAD 951,48+34,9%
Toronto-Dominion Bank LTDTD13CAD 723,21CAD 962,65+33,1%
Muenchener Rueckver AGMUV26EUR 1.011,50EUR 1.146,00+13,3%
Ahold DelhaizeAD100EUR 1.921,10EUR 1.844,00-4,0%
Unilever Cert.UN23EUR 889,18EUR 1.061,45+19,4%
Proctor & Gamble CoPG14USD 1.078,57USD 1.228,22+13,9%
Emerson Electric Co.EMR24USD 1.102,46USD 1.777,20+61,2%
Wal-Mart Stores IncWMT19USD 1.103,28USD 2.059,41+86,7%
Omega Healthcare InvestorsOHI39USD 1.138,78USD 1.068,99-6,1%
Tanger Factory Outlet Centres Inc.SKT50USD 1.158,22USD 1.282,50+10,7%
Sabra Health Care Reit IncSBRA46USD 1.241,08USD 836,28-32,6%
Realty IncomeO25USD 1.364,35USD 1.355,25-0,7%
Hormel Foods Corp.HRL55USD 1.708,91USD 1.906,30+11,6%
Abott Laboratories Inc.ABT23USD 855,56USD 1.458,66+70,5%
Canadian National RailwayCNR17CAD 1.648,61CAD 1.648,610,0%

Last update: 29th of January 2018

Here I present you a visualization of the value developement from my portfolio over time. It gives a nice detailed view, especially since you can compare the current year to the previous years. Most of the value increases come from fresh funds added to my portfolio. In the table above you can see the real value development for each stock.

[chart id=”54″]

6 thoughts on “My dividend growth portfolio”

    1. Thank you! Obviously I’m still looking for new companies to add. On my wishlist among others are Johnson & Johnson, Realty Income and Starbucks. I just have to find good opening prices. I will probably write some articles about this with analysis to find out which price I’m waiting for.

    1. Thank you! I try not to get to much exposure to a single sector. However, I also avoid sectors like the tech sector. To much risk for me.

      I do like all the companies in my portfolio and expect to keep them for a long time. 🙂

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