Dividend Income

On this page I’ll be posting my dividend income. You can see here all the dividends that I got paid so far. As you know, receiving dividends is the best thing for a Dividend Growth investor and therefore I like to monitor my dividends closely.

As you can see I don’t earn a lot in monthly dividends yet. This is because my portfolio is in the accumulation stage and I just started in October 2015 with investing. With new stock purchased the accumulation of dividends will speed up which will speed up the purchases of new stock purchases! I am really looking forward to that moment where dividends make up a big part of new stock purchases every time I purchase new stock.

Another advantage with monitoring dividends is that you can easily see who raises the dividend. But beware when looking at the tables. All the numbers are in Euro’s. I use the exchange rate at the moment the dividend get’s paid. This means that my dividend for stocks outside the EU can fluctuate even if the dividend remains the same.

The Numbers

Under here you can see my Dividend Income. I can’t compare year over year yet since I’m not investing for a complete year. It will be exciting to see the progress when I can!

[chart id=”79″]

In the tables below you can see the dividends paid for each company in each year.

Dividends 2018

Total€ 10,92€ 70,00€ 22,88€ 123,17€ 226,97
Wal-mart Stores Inc.€ 6,60€ 6,83
Toronto-Dominion Bank€ 4,32€ 4,84
Royal Bank of Canada€ 4,32
Tanger Factory outlets€ 11,94
Hormel Foods€ 7,13
Abbott Laboratories€ 4,39
Procter & Gamble€ 6,59
Realty Income€ 3,75€ 3,77€ 3,90
Omega Healthcare Investors€ 17,56
Sabra Healthcare Reit€ 14,32
Unilever€ 7,01
Emerson€ 8,02
Canadian National Railway€ 4,08
Ahold Delhaize€ 69,61
Muenchener Rueckver AG€ 37,99

Dividends 2017

Company nameTickerJanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSeptOctNovDecTotal
Wal-Mart Stores IncWMT€7,65€7,67€7,18€6,97
Unilever Cert.UN€6,26€7,01€7,01€7,01
Muenchener Rueckver AGMUV2€37,99
Emerson Electric Co.EMR€9,23€8,53€8,29€8,25
Proctor & Gamble CoPG€7,41€7,51€6,97€7,06
Abott Laboratories Inc.ABT€4,86€4,83€4,48€4,54
Toronto-Dominion BankTD€4,34€4,45€4,45€4,51
Royal Bank of CanadaRY€4,51€4,39€4,49€4,64
Care Capital Properties Inc.CCP€18,82€18,50€17,30
Omega Healthcare InvestorsOHI€19,11€19,11€18,02€18,51
Hormel Foods Corp.HRL€6,83
Sabra Healthcare REIT Inc.SBRA€17,45

Dividends 2016

Company nameTickerJanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSeptOctNovDecTotal
Wal-Mart Stores IncWMT€7,16€7,30€7,30€7,23
Unilever Cert.UN€6,26
Muenchener Rueckver AGMUV2€36,44
Emerson Electric Co.EMR€8,77€8,77€8,68€9,24
Proctor & Gamble CoPG€7,14€7,20€7,25€7,63
Abott Laboratories Inc.ABT€4,60€4,62€4,87
Toronto-Dominion BankTD€3,44€4,21€4,15€4,14
Royal Bank of CanadaRY€3,69€4,30€4,23€4,55
Care Capital Properties Inc.CCP€17,79

Dividends 2015

Emerson Electric Co.EMR€8,77€8,77