Dividend income report of February 2018

It has taken me longer than usual to write my dividend income report. However, that does not mean it is less good or less fun to write. Actually, I am really happy with this months report. The second month of 2018 already. Time flies by when you are having fun!

Well, the fun is not coming from the markets. My portfolio is at -5% year to date. Nothing to worry about, but not what I am used to. Still, especially when this happens, I am happy to see my dividend stream still coming in the way it always does. Even better, I see it increasing. And that is exactly why so many people love dividend growth investing!

Now let’s move on to my dividend income report of February 2018!


Dividend income of February 2018

As reported last month my January was lower because CCP merged with Sabra because CCP paid in January and Sabra in February. That automatically means that my month of February is better. But not only due to Sabra. I have a lot of companies paying me in the 2nd month of the quarter. Therefore I had a really great month of February!

I report in Euro’s although most stocks pay me in USD or CAD. Since the Dollar devaluated a lot I report lower dividend for the companies that pay me in USD. Of course the “real” dividend didn’t go down. Now on to the payments.

Company name Ticker Dividend
Royal Bank of Canada RY € 4,32
Tanger Factory Outlets  SKT € 11,94
 Hormel Foods  HRL  € 7,13
 Abbott Laboratories ABT € 4,39
 Procter & Gamble  PG € 6,59
 Realty Income O € 3,75
 Omega Healthcare Investors  OHI € 17,56
 Sabra Healthcare Reit  SBRA € 14,32
Total € 70,00

My dividend income for February 2017 was € 35,89 which results in a 95,0% growth compared to last year. Even if I remove Sabra from the dividend count my dividend still grew 55,1%. And that with a weaker Dollar. Not to shabby, is it?


Dividend increases

This month I received the first payments after the dividend increases from Hormel FoodsAbbott and Omega Healthcare Investors. You can check the details out through the links. Great to receive increases from the different companies!


Contributions and purchases

I added € 400,00 to my fund at the end of February.

I also initiated a position in Canadian National Railway this month. I had my eyes on this Canadian railway company for quite some time and recently the price pulled back. Not completely to where I would have liked it to be, but close so I pulled the trigger and initiated a position. I’m really happy with this purchase!



February was a great month! I had one of my highest months in dividend income ever (2nd highest in history), I had 3 dividend increases and I purchased a new stock. All in all, I added nicely to the foundation of my portfolio.

The disadvantage of February was the depreciation of a lot of stocks. Therefore I lost 5% of the value of my portfolio. So far I added € 800,00 in fresh cash to my portfolio this year, but the total value is still the same as in the beginning of 2018. That’s not so much fun.. Well, on the long run I’m not afraid, we might even see a big crash in between, but in 20 years from now it should be a minor blip only.

How was your month? Are you happy with your dividend income? Have you made any new buys or did you receive dividend increases?

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

5 thoughts on “Dividend income report of February 2018”

  1. 70€ is great! Don’t worry about the total value it’s all about the dividend stream as you mentioned 🙂

    For me February was a record month, my highest dividend since start last year. I just did a preliminary on March as this will be my first comparison to last year and I’m liking what I see!

    1. I also like to keep my invested money save, not only focus on dividends. However, with that I have a long term outlook, so devaluation in the short term is not important, but I want appreciation in the long term as well as dividends.

      Great job! I really liked it when I could start comparing to the year before. Keep it going!

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