Dividend increase Wal-Mart

Dividend increase Wal-Mart

At the 20th of February the board of Wal-Mart decided to increase the quarterly dividend from $ 0,51 to $ 0,52 per quarter. This means an increase of $ 0,04 per share per year which translates to a 2% increase. The dividend is paid on April theĀ 2nd 2018 to shareholders of record on March the 9th 2018. This is the 45th consecutive increase in the quarterly dividend.


The Pursuit

Since I have 19 shares this increase means that my yearly dividend for Wal-Mart Stores Inc is now $ 39,52. Up from $ 38,76 or a $ 0,76 increase in yearly dividends. After taxes I will receive $ 33,59 per year from the company.

This increase means Wal-Mart currently yields 2,24% and my yield on cost rises to 3,58%.



Wal-Mart is working with lower increases the last couple of years. We know that and I expected it. However, it seems that the company is doing great at the moment. So I hope the increases will get a bit better again next year. We now have another 2% increase. I hope for 3 to 4% in the next year.

My YoC is very nice. I bought my shares when nobody liked it and I have great capital gains at the moment. Therefore I’m earning very nicely with my shares in this company and I believe the company will stay succesful for the future for as long as I can predict. Whatever will happen, I will keep collecting my dividends and so should you!

What do you think about Wal-Mart? Is the dividend increase as expected or dd you expect something else? Do you own Wal-Mart and what do you think about its future?

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