Dividend income of December

And again a year has passed. I just can’t believe that I already completed the 2nd year into my journey. Time goes by so fast! And although I still have a bit of a baby portfolio I can already compare my portfolio and it´s dividend income to 2 years. When you do that you can see amazing growth which means that a small snowball is gaining momentum. And that´s why we invest, isn´t it?

As said already, the year has passed very quickly. I think I can look back on a good year, in my private life and with my investing journey, but more on that in a later post. Now on to the Dividend income of December!


Dividend income of December

December is the last month of the year and with that the last month of the quarter as well. My dividend payment schedule is changing now that CCP changed to SBRA. The first and third month of the quarter will be slower than before. The second month however will be much bigger. So next year I will see some huge increases in the 2nd month and maybe setbacks in month 1 and 3 depending on what I am buying. With that said it’s time to move to the dividend that is paid to me this month:

Company name Ticker Dividend
Unilever UN € 7,01
Emerson EMR € 8,25
Total € 15,26

My dividend for December is € 15,26. As stated before it’s not a  big payment because CCP is no more. Besided that Walmart also pays in the 3rd month 2 times a year. However, the other 2 times they pay in the 1st month, so I expect my Walmart payment in January.

My dividend income for December 2016 was € 15,50 which means that I reduction of 1,5% compared to last year! However, this is only due to currency exchange rates for my Emerson payment. Both Emerson and Unilever increased the pay out and in december of 2016 the same companies paid me a dividend. If we look at the increases, then Unilever had a great increase compared to last year. Emerson had a small increase. But still a nice result.


Dividend increases

This month Emerson paid its new dividend of $ 0,485 per quarter. Compared to the previous payment of $ 0,48 per quarter this translates to a 1,0% increase in payments. Another minor increase just like last year. However although disappointing, that was predicted. I do hope that the pace of increases will pick up next year. We will wait and see.

If you want to know more about this increase you can read about it here.


Contributions and purchases

I added € 400,00 to my fund at the end of December. This way I am building my cash position which is now around € 1.986,00. I am still looking for places where I can put the money to good use, but with the run up of the last month it’s hard to find those places. Europe and Canada would have my preference, but I won’t let a good chance in the US pass by when I see it! Especially now that the dollar is weakening again which means I can buy more dollars with my Euro’s. We will continue searching in January and see if I can find some nice companies with good valuations!

If someone has a golden tip for any European or Canadian stock, then don’t hesitate to mention it!

I purchased nothing this month.



My dividend income of December was roughly the same as last year. The same companies paid me and both increased the dividend. However, due to currency exchange rates the increases don’t show up in the total payment. Although I don’t care in which month a company pays me dividend it would be nice to have some additional income in month 1 and 3 of the coming quarters.

How as your month of December? Are you happy with the full year results? And how do you approach the next year? Do you have a good tip for European or Canadian stocks? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

12 thoughts on “Dividend income of December”

  1. Perhaps for comparison purposes you should use the same dollar conversion rate? Also, is it possible to hedge against currency changes? Vanguard has ETFs which are hedged against US dollar. Also,is it possible to keep your stocks in dollar accounts?

    1. Hello Dividendgeek,

      I don’t want to use the same conversion rate. The Dollar / Euro conversion rate can change quite a lot over time. So I always calculate with the current conversion rate to see the real value at that moment. Hedging is not important for me. This is a long time portfolio. I buy Dollars high and I buy them low. In the end it will average out and the influence won’t be that big. It’s just that profits or losses can change more or less depending on the exchange rate.

      I do keep my stocks in Dollar accounts. I have an Euro, USD and CAD account with my broker. My USD stocks pay me in USD and I use the USD to buy more USD stocks. That means that actually I will never convert them back into Euro’s. That also means that the exchange rate is not really important. I thought about displaying everything in the currency I own it in. But then I would need 3 targets and maintain 3 administrations and in the end only Euro’s tell me something.
      It’s an extra complication for investing in multiple currencies, but I have to deal with it.

      Thank you for the comment!

  2. Congrats on the income. That must be confusing to calculate incomes etc with all the changes of payout dates.. haha. Most canadian banks are solid buys although they arent cheap. Fortis and canadian utilities just pulled back a bit if you want solid dividend companies in th utility sector.

    Keep it up

    1. You are right. I prefer it if they just keep the months stable. But hey, in the end the total for each year is the same, it doesn’t matter in which months they paid and that’s the most important thing.

      I like the Canadian banks. I own a bit of TD and RY. I would have loved to buy more, but they had such a big run up with valuations going up. That makes me hesitate.

      Thank you for the tip on utilities. I’m definately going to check them out!

  3. Good job. Exchange rates stink sometimes but it also works in the opposite direction just as easy. Good job. Mine will be posted Tuesday or so

  4. Even though you were pretty much flat for the month year over year it looks like it was still a successful year for you. I have to deal with a little bit of FX issues due to a few of my foreign holdings, but luckily they don’t usually amount to much since I primarily own US based companies. We had a pretty solid month for December with our highest total yet although 2017’s total just barely eclipsed 2016’s total. We haven’t really been able to invest much over the last few years because well, life, but I’m hoping that 2018 will see a return to regular new investments. All the best in 2018!

    1. Hello JC,

      Yes, the FX issues are real, but not that important in the long run. It will all even out.

      A pitty that you couldn’t invest much lately, but life is important. Hoping for the best for 2018!


  5. Hi P2F,
    Congrats on receiving yet another dividend set to your account!
    I have the same problem with reporting as my main currency is Euro and my portfolio consists of US stocks mainly. I report it in USD as I don’t convert it to Euro and just buy more US stocks with the money. I think it’s not that important how you report it as in the end it’s still the same money 😉

    1. I understand your choices of reporting in USD. I would have done the same if I had only USD stocks, but I own stocks in 3 currencies. Because of that I choose to use the home currency. But as you said, the way of reporting is not important.

      Thank you for the post!

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