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As everyone knows a lot of retail stocks lost a lot of value lately due to moves of Amazon. This brings risk into the world of retail, but I believe it also brings opportunities. First of all, in my opinion most fears are overblown which should result in corrections to the upside in the near or farther away future. Besides that, not every stock has the exposure to the Amazon threat that investors seem to think they have.

Last week, I bought shares in Tanger Factory Outlets Inc. A REIT that focusses on outlet centres. Centres far away from cities with a lot of nice stores for which people drive for hours to reach them. Sounds good to me!

I didn’t make the analysis yet on Tanger. I’m still planning to write about it on my site, but since I already bought the stock I display my buy report here first.



I purchased 50 shares of Tanger Factory Outlets (SKT) for a price of $ 22,91 a share. Together with my fees of $ 12,72 my cost basis is $ 23,16.

This buy adds $ 68,60 of forward dividends per year to my portfolio. After taxes that netts me $ 58,31 per year in dividends which is € 49,99 in Euro’s with the current conversion rate. My forward income excluding taxes for my portfolio is now € 476,65 per year and after taxes.

What do you think of this purchase? Do you have SKT in your portfolio? So you see chances in the retail slaughter? Don’t hesitate to comment below!

One more question. I’m looking for a fast growing stock with a bright future and if possible not to high valuation. What are your ideas for a stock lik this? I really like Visa, but the valuation is rather high. Ideas for due dilligence are welcome!

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