Dividend increase Sabra Health Care

Dividend increase Sabra Health Care Reit Inc.

At the 1st of November the board of Sabra Health Care Reit Inc. decided to increase the quarterly dividend from $ 0,43 to $ 0,45 per quarter. This means an increase of $ 0,02 per share per year which translates to a 4,65% increase. The dividend is paid on November the 30th 2017 to shareholders of record on November the 15th 2017. Besides the standard dividend the company pays $ 0,0701087 per share wich is the difference between the prorated dividend paid on August the 18th and the previous full quarter dividend of $ 0,43 per share.


The Pursuit

Since I haveĀ 46 shares this increase means that my yearly dividend for Sabra Healthcare is now $ 82,80, up from $ 79,12 or a $ 3,68 increase in yearly dividends. After taxes I will receive $ 70,38 per year from the company.

This increase means Sabra Health Care currently yields 9,26% and my yield on cost rises to 6,67%.



I never bought Sabra. I never voluntarily choose for Sabra. However, CCP merged with Sabra and this was the result. I was in doubt about what to do with my shares but for now I just keep them. The dividend is nice and I hope to get some of my loss back on this position which is a very real possibility. Chances are Sabra will receive a credit upgrade in 2018 and the company is working on challenges it faces. We shall see how it turns out.

For now I’ll take the dividend and the dividend increase!

Do you own Sabra? What are your thoughts on it?

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