Dividend income of October

We are back at the first month of a new quarter. Usually the month with the worst performance and this month was no exception. Although I never look when a company pays me a dividend it would be nice to add a company that pays in the first month of the quarter just to see a nice increase but I guess that will come in the future. For now we work with what we have and that is only 1 but a great dividend growth company!


Dividend income of October

This month I have only 1 company paying me dividend, Toronto-Dominion Bank Ltd. Exactly the same as last year. The Toronto-Dominion Bank payed me € 4,51 in net dividends after taxes and using the current conversion rates.

Company name Ticker Dividend
Toronto-Dominion Bank Ltd TD € 4,51
Total € 4,51

My dividend income for October 2016 was € 4,14 which results in a 8,9% increase compared to last year! When you realize that I didn’t buy any other companies that paid me in October it’s quite nice. Most of it is due to a dividend raise from Toronto-Dominion Bank. Currency rates didn’t have much of an influence.


Dividend increases

Toronto-Dominion Bank didn’t increase the dividend this quarter, so no raises to report.

Contributions and purchases

I added € 400,00 in cash to my dividend portfolio.

This month I didn’t buy any stocks.



October can be compared to October of 2016. One dividend payer that increased its dividend during the year. Nothing spectacular going on here. I hope TD keeps increasing the dividend at this rate and it would be nice if one of the future buys pays me in the first month of the quarter as well.

How was your month? Are you happy with your dividend income? Have you made any new buys or did you receive dividend increases?

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6 thoughts on “Dividend income of October”

  1. Even though you received income only from one company this month, I would be happy for the increase. An increase of 9% is pretty sweet!
    It’s great that you consistently add to your portfolio monthly 😉

    1. Wow 830 Dollar in one month. And even the first month of the quarter. That will take me years to get there.

      Options is not really a possibility for me yet and even if it was. I’m not sure I want to go there. I hate losing my shares. What do you do if they get called away?

      Keep the good work going!

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