Great news on the personal front

I did it again! And I’m so happy with it! What I did? You may ask. Well, I made my journey to financial freedom much longer. I made sure I sleep a lot less and I realized a lot more stress for the coming years. I created a lot of nagging to my head, I made sure I have to arrange much more than I had to before and I created worries for me and my wife. But above all, I created happiness.


Last Monday at the 11th of September at 11:00 our second child was born! Our oldest is a girl, the second is a son. He is healthy and is doing well. 3620 grams and 49cm. The childbirth was very heavy for my wife and it ended in a caesarean section, but she is doing okay as well. She still has a lot of pain and she can’t do much but it will heal.

Now the big challenge starts. Making sure both kids grow up nicely. That’s a challenge I have to work on 24/7, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. And it’s more important to me then anything else in the world. Don’t you love your children!?

The next post will be about my portfolio and everything related again, but for now I had to share the good news!

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  1. Congratulations. That’s great news and something you can really looking forward to. To see how a new member of the family makes the first “literal” steps and grows with the love he receives.

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