Dividend income of June

It has been a while since posted on this site, but with good reason. We just had our summer holiday! Early in the season, I know. But we like it this way. Prices for holidays are much lower and we can do this because our daughter is not going to school yet. Lower prices is more savings and we all like that, don’t we.

Well, I’m back again with my dividend income of June. So let’s see the results!


Dividend income of June

The month of June was a great month again. Compared to last year CCP has been added which increases my results a lot. I’m a bit in doubt about CCP after the merger they announced, but the dividend is great. The other companies stayed quite stable during the year with nice increases in the dividend.

During the month of June I got paid by no less than 4 companies! Together those companies payed me € 40,02 in net dividends after taxes and using the current conversion rates.

Company name Ticker Dividend
Wal-Mart WMT € 7,18
Unilever UN € 7,01
Emerson EMR € 8,53
Care Capital Properties Inc CCP €17,30
Total € 40,02

My dividend income for June 2016 was € 22,33 which results in a 79,2% increase compared to last year! I’ve had bigger increases this year, but still, I like this increase a lot! It’s mainly because of the addition of CCP which pays me roughly 8% in dividends.


Dividend increases

This month Unilever increased the dividend! It was a 12% increase, so very good news.

Check out the link for all the details!


Contributions and purchases

I added € 400,00 in cash to my dividend portfolio.

This month I didn’t buy any stocks.



June was a great month again in dividend. My dividend income rose 79% compared to June 2016. Further I had a great dividend increase from Unilever. The company refused the offer from Kraft Heinz and is looking to increase share holder value which sounds as music to my ears. I hope the company stays independent since it’s the only food giant in the Netherlands and I like that.

Well, the dividend income is growing, I can keep adding funds and the future looks bright, so I’m happy!

How was your month? Are you happy with your dividend income? Have you made any new buys or did you receive dividend increases?

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

6 thoughts on “Dividend income of June”

  1. What a great YoY rise!
    I Understand why you took an early holiday. With older kids, this is unfortunately not possible. We have to pay the big price 😟
    Hope you had a great vacation!
    Keep up the good work


    1. Thank you for your reply Pollie!

      Yes, I’m qutie content with the results so far. More info in the half year analysis that is coming soon. 🙂

      Holidays at this time of year are great. Not to busy, good wheather and not to expensive. I like it!

      Pursuit 2 Freedom

    1. Thank you for the reply!

      I have a bit doubt with CCP regarding the merger they had. Not everyone is as positive and it seems the dividend rate will average out between the 2 companies which means it will drop for CCP. Of course I need to keep the long term picture in mind, but it’s hard to see where the company is going right now.

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