Big news on the personal front

Realization of what we have

I love my life. I can’t say it any other way, it’s just the truth. Every day I wake up and I’m blessed with what and who I have around me. I live in a good country, I have a beautiful wife and a great daughter. Although I would prefer to have the freedom to do what I want I like my job. I have a family that helps each other out and I have great friends. Last week-end it was the first week-end of this year with great weather and I enjoyed some nice gardening in the sun. We have some beautiful forests not to far from our home and I have the freedom to go cycling on my racing bike or mountain bike. All in all, I’m just happy.

None of this can be bought with money. Well, the freedom can, but that takes a lot of time and effort before I’m there. But still, these things are the things what life is about. I wouldn’t trade all the money in the world for my little girl and what does money mean if I don’t like the rest of my life. Therefore to me, it’s important to have a great balance. Balance between the small things that matter and the money that gives me the time to enjoy those small things.

Big news on the personal front

And that balance is about to be disturbed. But, before you think wrong, in is to be disturbed in a good way. A while ago I hinted about a big positive event in our personal life in this post under transportation. I believe it’s time to tell you more. I did it again, I changed our finances for the worst, I made sure I have to work longer and I took on a whole lot of things to worry about in the next 40 years. In short,

I made my wife pregnant!

We expect a 2nd child this year. I know, this is the worst thing you can do looking at a financial point of view, but it’s the best thing you can do when you want a great and fulfilling life. I was nervous as hell when my wife was pregnant of our daughter, I was wondering if I would become a good dad, if we would make it financially, if this wouldn’t change my life for the worst etcetera. But now that my daughter turned 2 this year I can only look back with happiness. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. And now another miracle is coming our way.

Pursuit 2 Freedom

This blog is called the “Pursuit 2 Freedom” and not without a reason. Money is freedom. Especially a passive income stream gives you that freedom. But a beautiful life is Freedom as well. Freedom is different for everybody else. For me it’s a balance between my finances and what I can do with my money, between the income we generate and the pleasure we have in life, between the time we have to spent to live and the time we can spent freely. Freedom is what makes you happy. For me it’s spending time with my family, cycling as fast as I can for long distances, walking in the forest and working in my garden. What really makes me happy is looking at my little girl when she is trying to help me. I am cleaning the branches I just cut from the tree and she is helping me with 1 small branch in each little hand that she carries to the place where I collect all the branches. The proud look on her faceย that you see when she is helpingย is gold in life.

It makes you think and reevaluate what is important. And I believe that is good. It gives you new focus and perspective in life.

Well, I wanted to share the big news with you. This post also gives you a nice look in what I consider Freedom. Money plays an important role, but not the only one. Once, I will be completely free, but for now, I’m enjoying the journey towards that goal, I will enjoy the presence of my daughter and wife and our journey towards our second child. And whatever you do, never forget to enjoy the journey. Enjoy the pursuit!

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  1. Congrats on the big news. You already know life is more than just about work, money, investing, finances, etc. It’s about those intangible moments, memories and feelings. Those exact memories and feelings you expressed looking back at the last two years as your daughter turned two. I can totally relate as baby DivHut just turned two as well so I know where you are coming from and what you are feeling. Look forward to the happy occasion. Thanks for sharing.

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