How we increase our Income!

Last month I talked about the magic formula which is needed to generate wealth. We define the formula as follows:

Earn more : Spend less : Invest the difference

In the previous post I talked about how we increase our savings rate. This time I will have a look at how we increase our Income. I can immediately say that this post will be much shorter, but still it’s nice to see what we do.

Earn more

For everybody that wants to pursue financial independence or for people who just want to generate a passive income stream it is important to follow the magic formula I described above. In last episode I talked about how we reduce our expenses. We are not people who try to minimize our expenses at all costs, but we do think about where we spend our money and if that is worthwhile for us. However, that is just 1 side of the equation. The other side is earning more.

There are a lot of ways to earn more money. We use the most straightforward ones. I’ll explain more about it here.


Day jobs

Our main income comes from our day jobs. It is like this for most people. My wife and me both work 4 days a week for a grand total of 8 working days each week. I know, we would reach financial independence much faster if we work 5 days, but there is where our philosophy comes in. We have a daughter which is 2 years old and we love her and like spending a day a week just with her. Now she is still young but she is growing up so fast! We want to make sure that we see her growing up and we want to enjoy this while doing so. We know it costs us money which results in the fact that we have to work longer, but it’s a choice we made and we are happy with it.

Of course we try to maximize the income from our day jobs. We try to get a raise each year. I also cycle to work. It’s good for my health, I like it and it’s cheap! But other than that, there is not much we can do.


Desk Top Publishing

My wife is a Desk Top Publisher by profession. Every now and then she can use her skills to develop a logo or a website for someone else. She earns a little bit of extra income this way. It’s not much, but every Euro counts!


Sell what you don’t need

In the Netherlands there is a website where people buy and sell 2nd hand materials from each other. When we don’t need things we own anymore we sell it through this website. It keeps the house clean and we get some money back. Other than that someone else is happy with what they bought. Only winners! Of course, this is also not a big source of income, but it’s nice that the possibility is there.


Second job?

I have been thinking to get a second job just for fun. It doesn’t earn me as much as just working extra hours in my main job, but it’s nice to do something without having to just because you like it. There was a job for waitering at the dance school where I like to dance, but it was filled already before I could really step in. It was just for 1 night a week, so it would have been perfect for this goal. I’m not really searching active. We don’t have to and I only want this for something I really like, but it’s an idea.


Government support

Our last source of income comes from our government. In the Netherlands it’s normal to get a part of the rent you pay for your mortgage back and we get a part back of what we pay for the daycare of our daughter. It’s not really income, it’s actually a reduction in costs, but still it’s nice!


Investment portfolio

Of course our last source of income is our investment portfolio. It’s what this site is about. I see it as a hobby that earns me money. It’s hard to make the stream big enough to live from, but at least it will generate passive income which means more freedom. And who knows, maybe I can stop working a few years earlier! We’ll see what the future brings.



As you can see our day jobs are really our main sort of income. Other than that I’m building my investment portfolio. This site is all about that part, so keep reading to see the future developments. It’s hard to get other sources of income, passive or active, but we can’t complain at all!

What do you do to increase your income? Do you like what you have or do you think you can still increase your income stream? Don’t hesitate to comment below!

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