2016 Portfolio analysis

As you all know 2016 has passed already. Heck, we are even a full month into 2017 by now! I know, I should make posts like this earlier, but I didn’t have all the essential data so it was kinda hard without doing a lot of math myself. But, after waiting for a month, here it is! My portfolio analysis for 2016!

In this analysis I want to display the performance of my portfolio. I also want to compare it with my goals in my 25 year plan to see if I’m on track or that my plan needs adjustments. I think it’s important to sit, and take a good look at what you are doing and that’s exactly what I am accomplishing.


Portfolio Analysis 2016

In the table below you can see my results for 2016! As you can see I have my gains divided in realized and unrealized gains. My unrealized gains are only stock price changes, my realized gains are only dividends. This is because I have never sold a stock yet. After that you see the year results, the results before the year and the total results since I have those stocks up until the 31st of December in 2016.

All in all I am happy with the performance of my portfolio. All the results are in Euro’s while most of the stocks are not, so the results change from day to day even without the stock price moving, but that doesn’t matter. You can clearly see that the portfolio did well in 2016. If you want to see the complete value of the current portfolio, then check out my Portfolio page.

When we zoom in a bit more into the individual stocks, then you can clearly see that Emerson, Wal-Mart, the Canadian banks, P&G and Omega all gained value quite substantially. Only Care Capital Properties lost a lot of value. On hindsight I think I was to eager buying the stock. I still think it will go up a lot on the long run, but I easily could have waited until a draw back before buying. I’m not in a rush you know. But at least I can learn from small mistakes like that. As long as I don’t make to much of them!



All in all I am happy with the first year performance of my portfolio. I’m a bit ahead of my target displayed in my 25 year plan. The beginning for my dividend stream has been made and my stock selection process looks not to bad so far.

Only time can tell what will happen in the future, but I keep adding fresh funds to my portfolio and we’ll try to grow it into something nice for the future!


How do you keep track of your portfolio? Are you happy with the results so far? Post your comments and remarks below!


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