Goals review for 2016


A year has passed already! I started my journey in October 2015 and here we are already, January 2017 and my first full year in the books. It is nice to look back at what you achieved and that is exactly what I am going to do in this post. Well, for the first part at least. After that I’m going to set new goals for 2017. This time I’m doing it in January instead of halfway the year like I did last year!

Now that the first full year is closed I can say that I really like the Dividend Investing approach. It’s a small one, but it should be a good one that keeps building wealth over time. Well, I haven’t met a crisis yet, but so far so good and I like it.

Now it’s time to look at the goals I have set for 2016 and see if I met those goals or not!


Goals review for 2016

Last year I set my goals in July. That was mainly because I started blogging in July. Before that I have never thought about goals, or at least not in so much detail. If you want to know more about how I set my goals you can read my post about my 2016 goals. There I explain the method I use and you can find the story behind it. No on to the same goals I set back them with a short analysis on each of them.

  • Collect € 200 in nett dividend payments.
    • Passed: Dividend collected: € 213,48
  • Reach a total portfolio value of € 10.000.
    • Passed: Portfolio value: € 9.749,88 + € 1.321,21 in cash equals € 11.071,09. Although I do have deploy some capital I count my portfolio value with the funds that are reserved for stocks together. Now I just have to find the right opportunity to buy my next stock! 
  • Reach a savings rate of 25% of income over the year. This is without the costs for the house rebuilding I posted about earlier.
    • Failed: When I deduct the costs of our home rebuilding from our total costs we reach a savings rate of 23,73% for the year. Although we didn’t reach the goals of 25% I’m quite happy with this savings rate. We had some financial setbacks with medical costs and repair costs for one of our cars. Without those setbacks we would have probably made the goal. Even though we didn’t it’s still a great savings percentage. Especially for a Dutch family with a nice house and a small child!
  • Keep the costs of our house rebuilding within the budget of € 23.000 we set for ourselves.
    • Passed: We managed to keep the costs of our house rebuilding within the set goal. The total costs can be found here. Needless to say we did a great job budgetting!
  • Create at least 40 posts in the 2nd half of 2016 on this blog.
    • Failed: I didn’t manage to do this. I must say It’s harder then I thought to make the posts, although I really like it. Therefore I didn’t keep myself to much to this goal to make sure I keep posting instead of pushing myself and then burning out on my blog. Also, I have to say it’s hard to find the right information about the stocks I want at free locations. My portfolio is simply to small to pay for an expensive subscription and the free sources I have found so far simply don’t give enough information for me. I’m still looking for a great possibility, so if you have a good tip, I’m up for it!
  • Achieve a 1000 page views in a single month.
    • Failed: The reason this failed probably has something to do with the amount of posts. I notice that when you post more often the amount of viewers rises, but without to much posts it goes down. Therefore to realize this goal l need to post more and I’m not sure if I can do that in the forseeable future.
  • Achieve my first 50 comments on my posts.
    • Well, my goals was not clear on this one. I failed to reach 50 external comments. I’m well over it if I also count my own comments. I know, it’s a bit of cheating, but it’s my site, isn’t it? 🙂
Personal development
  • Read at least 2 books about investing.
    • Failed This one bothers me a bit. I need to do more on my reading. I red 1 book. Although it’s a great one I need to up my reading. I did read the “Single Best Investment” written by Lowell Miller. If people have tips on which books to start reading first, then I’m open for suggestions!
  • Follow 2 online seminars about investing.
    • Passed I did watch 2 seminars although I don’t remember exactly what they where about. 
Family and personal life
  • Spend some time with my daughter every day.
    • Passed My daughter is the best thing that happened to me in my life. I love her and I can’t imagen life without her anymore. I could have never imagined this before I got a child, but now I understand what unconditional love means. It’s not hard to accomplish this goal at all.
  • Keep my wife happy.
    • Passed This is the real challenge. :p But it seems like I passed. She says she has points in which her life can improve, but those points are outside my scope of influence, so I consider this a pass even though it’s tricky and hard.  haha
  • Ride at least 3000km on my road bike and 500km on my mountainbike.
    • Passed I’m so happy with my accomplishments on the bike! For the last 3 or 4 years I had to stop cycling after roughly 1500km because of an knee injury of which the docters couldn’t find what was wrong. Now I found a docter who was specialized in cycling injuries and he immediately knew what was wrong. And he was right! My knee injury is gone and for the first time since I’m cycling I could finish the whole year on my bike. I managed to cycle over 3600km. I haven’t checked how much I did on my racing bike and on my mountain bike, but I consider this a big fat pass.

All in all I’m happy with my accomplishments. I passed my financial and personal goals. My blogging goals are lagging a bit, but I can live with that. I think my development side needs serious improvement, but that’s something for 2017.

In part 2 of this series I will continue with my 2017 goals. Keep watching my site to make sure you don’t miss part 2!

Do you create goals for the new year? And how did you fare for your 2016 goals? Are you happy with them? Don’t hesitate to comment below!

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    1. Thank you for your comment and for visiting my site!

      For me it helps to set goals. It simply makes me more focussed. And having this site is great because it forces me to write them down which makes it “real” if you understand what I mean.

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