Dividend income of November

Logo Dividend IncomeThe end of the year is coming near, November already.


Dividend income of November

November is the second month of the quarter which means that it’s the mediocre month.  Here are my results for this month:

Company name Ticker Dividend
Proctor & Gamble Co PG € 7,63
Abbott Laboratories Inc. ABT € 4,87
Royal Bank of Canada RY € 4,55
Total € 17,05

As you can see I received dividends from 3 companies this month for a total of € 17,05. This is net after taxes counted in Euro’s with the current conversion rates. Since the Euro devaluated against the Dollar it’s a bit more then usual. I don’t expect the exchange rate to stay like this though.

Dividend increases

This month we had 1 dividend increase! Royal Bank of Canada increased it’s dividend with 2,47% from CAD 0,81 tot CAD 0,83 per quarter. This increases my yearly income with CAD 0,72 with translates to € 0,52 per year. RY usually increases it’s dividend 2 times per year. So the dividend increase compared to the same quarter last year is 5,06% (from CAD 0,79 to CAD 0,83). This is above my minimum target of 3%.


Contributions and purchases

I added € 600,00 to my fund at the end of November. This means that my stocks plus my cash position are above 10k for the first time. My goal for the end of the year was 10k, so that goal is reached now!

This month I purchased 39 shares of Omega Healthcare Investors for a price of $ 28,89 a share. This purchase adds $ 95,16 of forward dividend to my portfolio. I like the company for a while, but I didn’t like the price to initiate a position. This month the stock lowered quite a bit due to future interest rate increases and unrest around Obamacare due to the new US president. However, I don’t believe these 2 threats will threaten OHI (or CCP for that matter) to much, so this was a great chance to initiate a position in this company.

You can read more about the purchase here.



My dividend for November was quite normal, no strange things happened. I have some great companies paying this month.

I added a nice amount of money to my fund. It was higher then usual because I received some holiday money from my job this month which I partially added to my fund! With this I reached my target of 10k in my fund for 2016 1 month before the year ends!

I purchased 39 shares of OHI. I really like the company and it pays a good dividend. We’ll see how it performs in the coming years.

How as your month of November? Did you make purchases? Is your fund on target with your goals? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and remarks!

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