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We are already in the last quarter of the year. Time goes by so quickly! The nice thing about my little investing journey is that I started it last year in October which means that I’m officially 1 year into my journey! This is the first month where you can see my Portfolio value for 2 consecutive  years in a row! Nice to see that it increased with 5k since I started. It’s starting to become something and I like it!


Dividend income of October

October is the first month of a new quarter again which in my case means that I don’t have much income. The first months are always bad and this month is no exception. See my result below:

Company name Ticker Dividend
Toronto Dominino Bank TD € 4,14
Total € 4,14

As you can see I received dividends only from the Toronto Dominion Bank this month for a total of € 4,14. This is nett after taxes counted in Euro’s with the current conversion rates. Although it is a small step for this month it is another step and at least I have income each month of the year! Although I don’t look at the months companies pay in when selecting them it would be nice to add another company that pays in the first month of the quarter, just to make this month a bit more substantial.


Dividend increases

There are not dividend increases this month.


Contributions and purchases

I added € 400,00 to my fund at the end of October. This way I am building my cash position which is now around € 1.300,00. I probably won’t buy any time soon, but I keep adding for future possibilities.

I purchased nothing this month.



My dividend income for October was not very good. However, this is usually the case in the first month of the quarter, so this is nothing to worry about. However, I would like to have some more companies that pay in the first month of the quarter, but since that is not something I use to select my stock and most companies don’t pay in this month the chances for acquiring such a company are small. Besides that, I don’t believe the market is really good at the moment for acquiring new stocks although the prices do drop a little bit! I keep watching, maybe future chances will present itself.

How as your month of October? Do you have the same problem regarding the low pay out in the first month of the quarter? And what do you think of the current market valuations? Leave your reaction below!

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  1. Congrats on hitting the one year milestone. Nice job with TD paying you in October. Don’t feel too bad that it’s a small sum. You have started on a very long journey and if done right over time your passive income will only grow. One day you’ll look back at these small numbers and see how far you have come. Just keep at it.

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