Savings rate of September

concept: adding money to a growing savings account

A new month, new chances. In August we had a great savings rate! However, September is a complete different story. September is the month of our great Home Rebuilding. Almost all costs for the home rebuilding where paid in September. Therefore the savings rate is quite diluted and I have divided the percentage in our standard savings rate as usual and we have a really really bad savings rate which includes the house rebuilding.


Savings rate of September

Well, in September we spend a lot of money on our home rebuilding. You can see the exact details here. This resulted in a real savings rate of -464%. You read that correctly. We spend 5,64 times as much as what we earned during the month of September. However, this was planned and saved for, so it’s not worrysome. More interesting is our savings rate without the costs for the house rebuilding since that resembles what we saved when just factoring in all our standard income and expenses without the big one time costs. When we look at this percentage we can see that we achieved a savings rate of 20,8% which is pretty good. It’s below our target of 25%, but that was expected since we don’t have any extra income this month and we had € 161 in Healthcare costs and over € 200 in costs for clothing.



All in all, we are happy with the result of this month. We had a reasonably good month excluding the home rebuilding and our home rebuilding stayed within budget. The last 3 months of the year should also be pretty good. We expect some extra income but we also have to pay for the yearly maintenance of both our cars (October and November). All in all, we are on schedule for the year, so continue quite happily!

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