Home rebuilding – the Aftermath

As regular readers probably have read we have been very busy lately. This is also the reason that this blog has not seen many posts in the last 6 or 7 weeks. We have been busy with rebuilding the ground floor of our house. This was not a small decision and you can read more about how the decision came to be in this post.


What did we do and why?

This is a good question. We bought our house 4 or 5 years ago. Back than we where aware that the house had an old kitchen and a wooden floor that was not very good anymore. Therefore at a certain moment in time we would have to replace both. We where certain about one thing. The kitchen had to be replaced fast. “Why?” you may ask. Well, consider a kitchen like this.

  • First of all, the kitchen was ugly. Well, of course it is personal, but we thought it was ugly.
  • Than the gas cooker leaked gas. We replaced it with a cheap temporary one earlier, but we wanted a good one.
  • The door of the freezer inside the refrigerator was broken. So a lot of ice was formed and a lot of energy was used to cool the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Than we had the oven. Well, it could only operate at maximum temperature…
  • Our dish washer didn’t clean the dish anymore.
  • And the counter top was from wood and the best days where also over.

Well, I guess that exlains the “why”. We didn’t have to think about this. What we did have to think about was the floor. We wanted a new one sooner or later. But was it better to do it all at once and spend a lot of money or do it in two times and spread the amount of money spent? This was a hard decision but finally the fact that we didn’t save a single Euro by spreading (maybe we even had to spent more by doing it this way) and that we had to live in a house where we where building twice made us choose for doing it all at once.We included the toilet in the big plans so that we had a complete new ground floor and we could let the new floor run all the way into the toilet.

The plans where made!

The creation of the budget

Now that we knew what to do we had to create a budget. We made a list of what had to be done and made estimations of what that should cost. Than we added € 1.000 as unforeseen costs. At first we tried to stay within a budget of € 20.000 in total, but very soon we realized that we couldn’t do what we wanted for that price. So the budget changed to € 23.000 and stayed there up until today.

Yes, it’s a lot of money and yes, we could have bought a lot of stocks with this money. But in the end, we also want to live the life we want to. For us, it’s all about the middle road. Save more, but still spend money on things that make us happy. It helps that we like our jobs!

Also, we don’t spend so much money every year (which is a good thing by the way…). So we felt good with it (and still do by the way).


The realization of the budget

On we went, with our home rebuilding! It went very well I must say! As you just have read, we had a budget of € 23.000. This is what we spent:

Floor heating € 1.625,00
Floor tiles and sanitary for toilet € 5.000,00
Plumber € 250,00
Plasterer € 350,00
Electro materials € 685,87
Kitchen € 14.031,00
Miscellaneous € 858,61
Totaal € 22.800,48


The result

So we stayed within budget! We still have €200,00 left even. We are very happy with the result. Financially and the real in house result. To show you a bit of what we did look at the picture below and see the “before”, “during” and “after” of our home rebuilding! It’s not a lot of detail, but it gives you a general idea. Thank you for reading!



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