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It has been a while ago since I last posted on my site, but with good reason. As discussed earlier we did the home rebuilding. We installed a new kitchen, a new floor and a new toilet into our house. This was a lot of work and we had to live with minimal luxury, so there was no computer and no time for me which made updating the site a lot harder. However, now that we are ready we can also continue with this little hobby! Later this month I will post more on the home rebuilding.

Now I’m blogging about my latest dividend income. The Dividend Income of September and it was quite a nice month I have to say. For more details, see the sub chapters below!


Dividend income of September

Here you can see the income in dividends for the month of September:

Company name Ticker Dividend
Unilever UN € 6,26
Walmart WMT € 7,23
Emerson EMR € 8,68
 Care Capital Properties Inc.  CCP € 17,79
Total € 39,96

As you can see I received dividends from 4 companies this month for a total of € 39,96 which is a great result! This is nett after taxec counted in Euro’s with the current conversion rates. CCP is a new addition paying for the first time and since it has a great yield it is paying a nice amount of income. This is the main driver behind the good result. Although I won’t be adding much with the current market prices I’m still growing my portfolio, so I keep on taking small steps towards a big goal!


Dividend increases

There are no dividend increases in September.


Contributions and purchases

I added € 400,00 to my fund at the end of September. I also added € 400,00 Euro in the beginning as a contribution for the month of August. This way I am building my cash position which is now around € 900,00. I probably won’t buy any time soon, but I keep adding for future possibilities.

I purchased nothing this month.



My dividend income for September was very good. Usually the end of the quarter is my best month and with the addition of CCP it becomes much better. I like how the income is growing, but I won’t be buying much extra in the short term. I think the market is way overpriced and buying now will result in to low a yield and to low capital gains for my taste. We’ll see what the future has in stock for us!

How as your month of September? Did you buy new stocks and what do you think about the stock market? Leave your reaction below!

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