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I am early this month and with good reason. Earlier I created a post about our home rebuilding and the home rebuilding is about to start! Next saturday we start with moving the furniture and demolishing the current kitchen and floor. I am actually quite excited! This will be a mayor improvement in our home. The only downside is that it takes 3 weeks of time and we have to live in a bedroom during that time, but hey, we get something good back for that.

However, it also means that I will have limited access to my computer during that time and therefore will not post as much as normal. Everything should be back up to speed after the 20th of September. If people are interested I will post some pics to show the end result.


Dividend income of August

Now back to the reason we have this blog, our dividends! Without further ado, here is the table:

Company name Ticker Dividend
Royal Bank of Canada RY  € 4,23
Proctor & Gamble Co PG  € 7,25
Abbot Laboratories ABT  € 4,62
Total € 16,10

As you can see I received dividends from 3 companies this month for a total of € 16,10. This is nett after taxes counted in Euro’s with the current conversion rates. As you know I’m not very long active with dividend growth investing but still, over 15 Euro’s is nice to receive. It will take a while before my montly income will become a substantial part of my investing strategy, but again, a small step has been taken. And the nice thing, my August income is much better than my July income!


Dividend increases

There are no dividend increases in August


Contributions and purchases

I usually add to my fund at the ned of the month, so I haven’t contributed yet this month, but I expect to contribute somewhere around 300 to 400 Euro to my investing account. A nice addition, but it will probably sit there for a while. I’m not really planning on buying any time soon with the in my opinion, really inflated prices the market currently has. I think it is a nice strategy to build up my cash position a bit so that I can take profit of falling prices that will most likely pass by in the months to come.

I purchased nothing this month.



My income for August is on track. It is much better than my income of July. The nice thing is, my dividend income of August is already below my average forward income of the year while the income itself is not bad at all. Although that is partially because one of my stocks pays out yearly it is also because I bought new stocks earlier and that will have it’s effect later on in the year and next year. So I expect nice growth for 2017! I’m happy with the result and I’m really looking forward to see where my little journey can advance into!

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  1. Anything more than 0 is a good month. You have that snowball going and it will get bigger and bigger. I’m sure I got very few dividends my first couple of years now it’s starting to snowball. Good luck on the move.

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