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It is time for my very first Dividend Income report! I started investing in October 2015, but since I’m only blogging since July 2016 I have never wrote a report before. Because I don’t think it is very interesting to read dividend reports from the past I start with the Dividend Income of June 2016.

I am actually quite excited to write this. I know that my Dividend Income is very low, but the monthly income will increase over time. I just made the Dividend Income page on this site and I have to say that it’s really fun to see what I earned so far. Blogging about it and creating those tables and graphs gives you so much more insight. This really gives me motivation to make something great from this blog!

Most Dividend Growth Bloggers compare the incoming dividends as a snowball that starts rolling and gets bigger and bigger over time. Although the comparison is great and true, I don´t see that snowball running just yet. But that doesn´t matter, I started my journey and I know it will increase over time. And the nice thing is, the increase will go faster and faster when times goes by!


Dividend Income of June

Without further ado, let´s continue to the numbers:

Company name Ticker Dividend
Wal-Mart Stores Inc WMT € 7,30
Unilever Cert. UN € 6,26
Emerson Electric Co. EMR € 8,77
Total € 22,33

In June I received dividend from 3 companies. Wal-Mart, Unilever and Emerson. Unilever pays in Euro’s, the other 2 companies in Dollars. All numbers have  been converted to Euro’s using the currect exchange rate.

As you can see on the Dividend Income page when you compare the dividends to the dividend paid in the months before, then you can see that June was actually quite a good month. However, the main reason for this is that Wal-Mart paid it’s dividend 2 months after the last payment instead of the 3 months that most companies use. Therefore I have a bit more dividend in June, but July will probably not be much.

On the other hand, when I compare the income to the income from March which was the last quarter in which the same companies paid dividend, then you can see that Unilever is a new addition to my portfolio. From now on this nice Dutch company will also start paying me a quarterly share of the profits! I’m especially happy with this company because it’s Dutch and a company that really focuses on Dividends. We don’t have much Giants like these in the Netherlands.


Dividend increases

Although Unilever paid me a dividend for the first time, they still raised the dividend while I had the stock in my posession! It’s a 5,99% increase. I aim for a 5% or more increase for my total portfolio, so this increase does it’s job. And I’m a happy investor!



Although my dividend income is still low the start is made. From here I have a nice base to build upon. 3 Companies paid me dividend in June and one of them raised it’s dividend with a nice 6%, so I’ll take it! Now the important thing is building my portfolio. I’ll have to do some serious stock screening beceause I consider the market as a whole as overvalued at the moment. To do this I will post stock evaluations on this blog. The first will be coming next week. For now, I’m happy with my dividends!

How was your Dividend income in June? Did you get some nice raises? Are you happy with the way your portfolio is going and how do you think about the current stock market? Don’t hesitate to post!


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